To protect and promote the growing, processing, and marketing of chile grown in the Hatch Valley.


Easy authentication for products made with Hatch Chile through the use of our certified HATCH logo.


Honesty, Integrigty, and Truth in Labeling


Our Board Members 


President Duane Gillis 

Duane and his family have farmed in the Hatch Valley for generations. The Gillis family is known for producing chile with a unique flavor and the highest quality onions. Duane’s family built the first chile dehydrator in 1964 and began dehydrating their fresh red chile pods this way.  Duane summed up his love for these delicious peppers when he said “I’m a Hatch grower, and we have the best chile in the world, so there is no contest. I mean, if you make Hatch, you’re the best.”

Vice President Randy Garay

Randy brings a wealth of knowledge and industry experience to our board. Randy runs M.A & Sons with his mother, Mary, and brothers Frank and Patrick. Randy summed it up when it comes to working in the chile industry, stating “There’s not a job in here we haven’t done.” The Garay family farms not only chile but also corn, alfalfa, oats, and pecans. 

Director Keith Franzoy

Keith is a farmer from Hatch with a passion for agriculture and the beautiful Hatch Valley. Keith is a lifelong resident of the Hatch Valley who attended school here and returned to farm the beautiful Hatch Valley in 1990 after attending college. Hatch is the chile capital of the world and Keith knows why after experiencing this incredible community and the unique agricultural background of Hatch, this association is so valuable to Keith so that the consumers of chile experience the authentic flavor that only comes from Hatch.

Director Shayne Franzoy 

As the great-grandson of the first chile farmer in Hatch Joseph Franzoy, Shayne Franzoy knows authentic Hatch Chile. Shayne and the Chile River operation farm chile, wheat, corn, cotton, pecans, and watermelons.   

Director Scott Adams

 Scott’s position on the board is inspired by his love for the Hatch community that comes from his roots that run deep in the Hatch Valley. Scott and his family have farmed the Hatch Valley for 40 years, and are 6 generations strong. Scott is devoted to helping bolster and protect the Hatch name so that every consumer has access to incredible Hatch chile products and Hatch chile  growers are recognized for the premium products they provide.

 Director Ex Officio Preston Mitchell 

Preston grew up in Hatch where he spent the majority of his time in his parent’s pharmacy or on his grandparent’s farm. Starting in just 4th grade, he began helping to sell his family’s green chile on the weekends in Santa Fe. During his fourth summer working for his grandparents he launched the virtual version of Berridge Farms with the goal to expand their customer market through the use of technology–and it was successful! Preston later attended New Mexico State University from which he graduated with a bachelors in Accounting and Business Administration as well as a Masters in Accounting. Preston bought a Las Cruces chile-roasting company and his grandparents’ online business to merge the enterprises into The Hatch Chile Store. Preston has a passion for the Hatch chile industry and is a huge asset to the association for his accounting and legal knowledge.